The Original Maui Xaphoon Bamboo Sax and

Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax

"It's a Joy Machine"

Introducing the original Maui Xaphoon (pronounced "za-foon"), a "Bamboo Sax" for everyone who appreciates awesome sound but doesn't want to schlep around a bulky instrument. The Xaphoon's sound falls somewhere between a saxophone and a clarinet-- a much richer sound than its size would suggest--and was born to be played wherever and whenever the mood strikes. The experienced player will find the Xaphoon capable of all the subtle shadings and vibrant power of a saxophone. The beginner will find it fun and easy, and good practice for other reed instruments.

Click here for a sound sample.

Why own an Original Maui Xaphoon?

  • It will bring you JOY - Imagine being able to create a sense of community wherever you are - at a bus stop, in a cave, waiting in line, even a parking garage!
  • It can be with you ALWAYS - A true portable instrument that can be carried everywhere - in your pocket, backpack, even up your sleeve!
  • It will TURN HEADS - The Xaphoon is about two octaves lower than conventional flutes of the same length. Play it in an acoustic space and it will sound like a full-sized saxophone. Make friends while making spiritual music!
  • Each handmade Xaphoon is a Work of Art that you will cherish forever.
  • Xaphoons make Great Gifts for that talented musician in your life!

The original Xaphoons are hand-made of Bamboo, cut from the rain forests of East Maui by the instrument's creator, Brian Wittman. Click here to see pictures and an incredible video of how they're made. A tenor saxophone reed, affixed to a built-in mouthpiece, is responsible for the instrument's unique sound. They are available in the keys of C, Bb, and D; and possess a 2-octave, fully chromatic scale (click here for a fingering chart). And now a special "Signature Series" is available, hand-signed, individually numbered, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity for the prize collector that lurks within us all.

"You have to hear this incredible instrument; it's like a sax and a clarinet ran off to Maui and had a love child!"


The "Xaphoon Pocket Sax"

The Xaphoon has proven so popular worldwide that in the year 2000 an injection-molded Xaphoon called "The Pocket Sax" was created. Ideal for classrooms or students on a budget, this instrument (available in the key of "C," and in many colors) sounds identical to the original bamboo instruments, retaining all of their richness and versatility. (And if you think making a precision injection-molded part is easy, come see the story behind the making of The Xaphoon Pocket Sax. You may also click here to see music stores that carry The Xaphoon Pocket Sax.) At a time when all U.S. manufacturing is moving offshore, The Maui Xaphoon and the Pocket Sax are all sourced and manufactured within the U.S. The pocket sax is available in standard Black, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, and Ruby Red.

Admittedly, the Xaphoon is not for everyone. They have the same learning curve as a saxophone, the mouthpiece is large and round (rounder than a clarinet or sax mouthpiece), the fingering is different from anything you already know, and some may even be priced out of your league. But if you're an independent thinker who can appreciate a truly unique and original instrument, the Xaphoon will become one of your most treasured belongings!

Just imagine... joy, spiritual expression, contentment, and meeting new people... all for the price of a good saxophone mouthpiece!

Mark Stewart with Xaphoon

"The Xaphoon is awesome!"

--Mark Stewart, guitarist, sax and Xaphoon player on tour with [we can't say his name, but he used to partner with Art Garfunkle :)]

Beware of Imitations!

There are many people claiming to sell Xaphoons on sites like ebay.  Don't be fooled! 


  • New bundles available!  The Starter Bundle provides everything a beginner needs at a discounted price; whereas the Pro Bundle provides savings for the advanced sax or clarinet player who wants to have a great instrument with them at all times!
  • The Xaphoon was spotted in Paul Simon's latest concert tour!
  • Check out these Youtube videos featuring Brian Wittman (the instrument's inventor) and Mark Stewart (aforementioned music director for Major Star Who Shall Remain Nameless):
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